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 Cast Facts

Brian Krause originally auditioned for the part of Andy Truedo but got the part of Leo Wyatt

Dorian Gregory (Darryl Morris) is a diabetic in real life

Alyssa Milano is claustrophobic, she even made them put in her contract she wouldn't have to be in tiny enclosed places

Shannen Doherty (Prue) has Crohn's Disease. If you don't know what that is, it's a problem in the intestines that makes that she can't eat anything, she has to follow a diet and she has to take pills. But don't worry!! She's maybe stuck with it for the rest of her life, but she can't die of it

The T.W. in T.W. King (Andy) stands for Theodore William

As a teen Holly Marie Combs (Piper) was a rebel. She was always getting into trouble, back talking her teachers, and wore nothing but black all the time

Shannen Doherty (Prue) and Rose McGowan (Paige) are friends!!

Every time Alyssa (Phoebe) feels the need to have a child, get this, she buys another pet

You know why Holly's eyebrow is slightly slanted upward a little well that's a scar when she was 2 she was learning how to walk and she tripped and hit a coffee table

Holly was married to fellow actor Bryan Smith from 1993 to 1997 and briefly engaged to civilian Storm Lyndon before they split up in 2000.

Holly was a vegetarian for seven years and she couldn't handle it anymore and she ate a cheeseburger

Holly is best friends with Shannen Doherty

Holly (Piper) was the first one hired on Charmed!! But she wasn't originally cast as Piper, she was originally cast as Phoebe and Shannen (Prue) was originally cast as Piper

Alyssa Milano accepted the part of Phoebe after the originally cast person Lori Rom had to pull out from playing her at the last minute

Brian Krause and Rose McGowan are cousins in real life

Charmed Facts

Charmed Ones Phone Number: 555-0198

Manors Address: 1329 Prescott Street

Grams was only 13 when Patty (Charmed Ones Mom) was born

Sam Wilder (Patty's whitelighter) is Paige's biological father!!!

Leo died in WW2 (world war two)

Kit is or was a familiar and is now a human

Leo's first wife's name was Lilly

Paige's adoptive parents were killed in a car accident when Paige was in HIGHSCHOOL

Shax the sources assasin killed Prue!!! in 'All Hell Breaks Lose'

Wyatt the twice-blessed child was born on Febuary 16, 2003!!!! so adorable isn't he

Serena Fredrick (the witch Jeremy murdered in 'Something Wicca This Way Comes' was the first person ever to talk on Charmed

The actor who plays Shax and The Sourcce in 'All Hell Breaks Lose' Micheal Bailey Smith also played Cole's Demonic, Balthazor, in seasons three and four

Piper's license plate number is 3BS83Y8

Quake was established in 1987

Mark Cho died at the age of 23!

Piper and Prue shared an apartment in North Beach before the moved back home when Grams got sick

Piper met Jeremy in the hospital cafeteria on Friday the 13th

There have been 3 generations of Truedo's on the police force

Andy lived in Portland before he moved back to San Francisco

The phone number for SWA Properties is 555 - 1212


 Name: Piper
Gender: Male or Female
Meaning: Flute Player
Origin: English

Piper Halliwell

She is the middle child of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Growing up, Piper took on the role of peacemaker in the family. This is evident in the many mediations between Prue and Pheobe that she undertook in attempts to bring her vastly different sisters together. Her nurturing ability and warmth are what make her a favorite of many.

The many talents of Piper include her culinary expertise, managerial skills, and her ability to run and operate her club, P3. Throughout the years, Piper has struggled with becoming a witch and not having a normal life. Now the successful owner of a nightclub called P3, Piper has taken on the reluctant role of the oldest child. The devastating loss of Prue still leaves Piper coping day to day. She has taken on more of Prue's protectiveness and is now leading the Charmed Ones to fulfill their destiny.

Piper has been the sister who has had the most trouble with love. At the start of the show in her boyfriend, Jeremy, turns out to be an evil warlock. Her next Mr. Wrong was in the form of Mark; Mark was the perfect man except for the fact he was a ghost. Josh came in next but this was only a brief thing as he moved away. Josh was willing to stay and not leave but Piper convinced him to go.This may be because Leo, their whitelighter, was in the picture...

Leo is Piper's one true love. Again, this relationship was not easy. An alluring next-door neighbor, Dan, came along with promises of a normal life - something that Piper craved. Piper realized her true feelings for Leo, however, when she came down with a life-threatening virus. Piper actually died and Leo broke all Whitelighter rules to save her. Leo's wings were clipped because of this, and he became temporarily human.

Leo's wings were eventually returned to him, and together Piper and Leo tried to make it work. Leo proposed quickly to Piper and they planned the wedding. A then-evil Cole let it be known there was a wedding to be had and the Elders were notified. Leo was wisked away and Piper was heartbroken. Piper gave an ultimatium to the Elders and Leo was brought back. They were on a trial basis for a period of time, and eventually they were allowed to marry. Piper finally found her true love.

 Name: Phoebe
Gender: Female
Meaning: Bright, Shining One
Origin: Greek

Phoebe Halliwell

is the youngest child of Victor Bennett and Patty Halliwell. Phoebe was the carefree spirit who lived in New York before moving back to the Halliwell manor. Upon returning to the manor, Phoebe was on good terms with Piper, but there was mountable tension between herself and Prue. Eventually tensions lightened up some for the eldest and youngest as the season progressed.

Phoebe was the Halliwell who actually activated the powers of the Charmed Ones, after discovering the Book of Shadows in the attic. Readily accepting her powers Phoebe grew into an excellent spell writer, creating potions, and knowing all about the Book of Shadows. Having powers and uniting with her sisters helped to give Phoebe a purpose in life - something she was sorely lacking.

Becoming a witch helped Phoebe grow as a person and become confident enough in herself that she went back to school to get her degree. She successfully graduated in season three.

Season four found Pheobe adjusting to a new role in her life. She lost her oldest sister, Prue, because of the Source. Phoebe became the middle sister. This meant playing the mediator between Piper and Paige, who differed as much as she and Prue had done. She found how hard it was for Piper to stay neutral and try to keep everything calm.

Phoebe has found her soul mate in Cole Turner, a man who is half demon and half human thanks to his mother being a demon and his father a mortal. It was instant attraction for both of them. Little did Phoebe know Cole that was sent to kill the Charmed Ones as an undercover demon working for the Triad. The same went for Cole, who didn't expect to fall for Phoebe, one of his targets.

Inevitably, Phoebe found out about Cole, his past, and his intentions. After fighting against him, she finally accepted who he was after he announced he would never use his demonic powers for evil.

 Name: Paige
Gender: Female
Meaning: Assistant
Origin: French

Paige Matthews

She was born August 2, 1977, is the daughter of Patty Halliwell and her Whitelighter lover Sam. Fearing for the safety of their newborn child after they broke the rules of the Elders by falling in love, Patty and Sam decided along with Grams to give the baby up. While growing up Paige was a rebellious child that drank, smoked, and skipped school. It was when her adoptive parents died that Paige sobered up. A powerful essay on her parents death got her into college. She works at South Bay Social Services.

A little over a year ago, Paige decided to look for her birth parents. She gave up her search when she found out that her suspected birth mother, Patty Halliwell, had died a long time ago. Despite this, she always felt somehow connected to the Halliwells. Paige frequented P3 the last year to be closer to the girls. When Prue died and Piper incited the spell to find a lost witch, Paige magically received the paper showing Prue's death. At the funeral Paige met the sisters, especially Pheobe, who had a premotion Shax would kill her. Little did Paige and the girls know they were really sisters.

At first Paige seemed reluctant to use her powers and being a witch but slowly formed a bond with her sisters and is her accept her powers. She's now moved into the Halliwell home and is adjusting to her new life.

On Paige's first appearance we are also introduced to Shane, a guy she had been dating for a little over a month. This did not last as Shane was possessed by the Source for a short time, and after being released he didn't understand what had happened - but he knew it had been something to do with Paige.

Another love interest of Paige's comes in the form of Glen, a childhood friend. Although they have tried dating, their relationship seems to work best when they are just friends. Glen knows that Paige is a witch, as he discovered the Book of Shadows in the Manor attic. He has agreed to keep the family secret.

 Name: Prudence
Cautious, Intelligent

Prue Halliwell

(lovingly known as "Prue"), the oldest Charmed One, is the daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell. As the eldest sister, Prue was the strongest and most protective, having spent much of her childhood keeping an eye on her sisters after their mother's death.

When the show first started Prue was working at Bucklands Auction House; Prue authenticated auction pieces for Bucklands. Prue liked working there, but her dream was to become a photographer and in the season two, she saw what her life would be like if she stayed at Bucklands - it wasn't pretty. Soon after, Prue changed jobs and became a professional photographer.

Prue saw herself as her sisters' protector and would do everything in her power to keep them safe, even risk her own safety first. This was the same for the innocents she fought so hard to protect. The end of Prue's life is the reason many fans have come to love and care so much for her. She would rather risk her life to keep her sisters and innocents safe. Prue was a true heroine from the beginning to the very end. She will remain in the hearts of all forever.

Prue's first love was Andy Trudeau. Andy worked as an Inspector for the S.F.P.D, and was a childhood sweatheart of Prue's. For a while, Andy was unaware of the Halliwell's magical powers, and it was only when he discovered their secret that he was killed. This was a terrible loss for Prue.

Bane, an ex-convict, was another source of interest for Prue. Prue met him when she posed as a sexy hitwoman called Ms. Hellfire in the episode of the same name. Bane later re-appeared in the show, but was not a lasting presence again.

Jack from the Buckland Auction House was another love of Prue. Friendly rivalry in the workplace soon lead to more of a romance which, once again, didn't last.

The Charmed Girls & How They've Changed Over The Years

From Season 1 to Season 7 Each Of The Charmed Girls Have Had Different Looks.


Beginning of Season 1


End of Season 1


Beginning of Season 2


End of Season 2


Beginning of Season 3


End of Season 3


Beginning of Season 4


End of Season 4


Beginning of Season 5


End of Season 5


Beginning of Season 6


End of Season 6


Beginning of Season 7


End of Season 7


Charmed Cast List

Piper Halliwell - Charmed Sister
Holly Marie Combs

Phoebe Halliwell - Charmed Sister
Phoebe Halliwell - Charmed Sister/Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

Prue Halliwell - Late Charmed Sister
Prue Halliwell-Late Charmed Sister/Shannen Doherty
Shannen Doherty

Paige Matthews - New Charmed Halth Sister
Paige Matthews-New Charmed Sister/Rose Mcgowan
Rose Mcgowan

Billie - Paige's Charge
Billie - Paige's Charge/Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco

Jenny Gordon
Karis Paige Briant

Patty Halliwell - Mom (Piper, Prue & Phoebe)
Patty Halliwell-Mom (First 3 Girls)/Finola Hughes
Finola Hughes

Penelope Halliwell - (Grams)
Penelope Halliwell - (Grams)/Jennifer Rhodes
Jennifer Rhodes

Daryl Morris - Inspector Morris (Police)
Daryl Morris - Inspector Morris/Dorian Gregory
Dorian Gregory

Leo Wyatt-Wightlighter-Married Piper/& Is A Dad
Leo Wyatt-Wightlighter-Married Piper/ Brian Krause
Brian Krause

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell-Leo & Piper's Son (Baby)
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell-Leo & Piper's Son (Baby)
Jason and Kristopher Simmons

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell - Leo & Piper's Son (Big)
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell - Leo & Piper's Son (Big)/
Wesley Ramsey

Chris Perry - Piper & Leo's 2nd Son (Baby)
Chris Perry - Piper & Leo's 2nd Son (Baby)

Chris Perry - Piper & Leo's 2nd Son - Grown Up
Chris Perry -Piper & Leo's 2nd Son-Big/Drue Fuller
Drue Fuller

Cole Turner-(Demon?)-(Balthazar)-BF Phoebe
Cole Turner-(Demon?)-BF Phoebe/Julian McMahon
Julian McMahon

Andy Trudeau-Inspector Trudeau-BF Prue
Andy Trudeau-Inspector Trudeau-BF Prue/Ted King
Ted King

Dan Gordon -Next Door Neighbour/BF Piper
Dan Gordon-Next Door Neighbour-BF Piper/Greg Vaugn
Greg Vaughan


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